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Ginni Morandi Arena di Verona 2018

TOUR 2018

The Gianni Morandi Tour 2018 " of author's love " will also be a splendid journey through time that will start from the past with the great successes of the repertoire of Gianni Morandi that for more than sixty years have been the soundtrack for generations of Italians; up to the present with the songs of d'amore copyright, the latest album of unreleased released last November.
Gianni Morandi will perform with his band which will be composed of young musicians from the Emilia area: Alberto Paderni on drums, Mattia Bigi on bass, Lele Leonari and Elia Garutti on guitar, Alessandro Magri on keyboards, Simone D'Eusanio on violin, Francesco Montisano on sax, Lisa Manara and Augusta Trebeschi on choirs.

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