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Concerto Calcutta Arena di Verona 6 Agosto

AUGUST 6, 2018

The legendary Calcutta artist arrives in Verona, at the Arena di Verona, and in a very short time he has revealed himself to the general public as the most promising and incisive contemporary author of the Italian music scene. His "Mainstream" album released in 2015 has cleared genres, memberships and definitions. His pop writing has no equal in Italy and the cross-cutting attention of the public, the press and social networks are constant proof of this. A success also evidenced by the golden disc reached by "Horoscope", one of the most transmitted songs of summer 2016, and by songs such as "What I miss you doing", "Frosinone", "Gaetano" which now record millions of views on Youtube and on streaming portals. At the end of 2017, Calcutta reappeared on the scene with "Orgasmo" a new song that immediately hit the mark. The song totaled over 10 million streams on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, rose to # 5 on the Spotify Chart and for the first time projected it in the Top 50 of EarOne's Airplay Chart. At the beginning of February it was the turn of "Pesto" which further reinvigorated enthusiasm and expectations. On May 25, 2018 the new album finally arrives. It's called "EVERGREEN" and is anticipated by the third single "Paracetamol". A pop with a psychedelic aftertaste and a double active principle, acts quickly first with a guitar riff that sticks to the ears, then with the refrain "I feel the heart in a thousand" thrown towards infinity.

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